Laying the foundation stone for the "EST PR" Spare Parts Platform in Obernai (Alsace).

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 11:30

A partnership between PSA Retail, Car Avenue, Grand Est Automobiles and Groupe Nedey Automobiles

PSA Retail has teamed up with Car Avenue, Grand Est Automobiles and Groupe Nedey Automobiles to build and develop the most extensive Car Spare Parts Distribution Platform in Alsace and one of the largest of its kind in France.
The foundation stone for this ambitious platform was laid today, 11 July 2017, in Obernai in the presence of the Mayor of Obernai M. Bernard Fischer and leaders from the four groups promoting the project.

A JV to promote an unprecedented and ambitious partnership 
To manage this new distribution platform for car spare parts, PSA Retail, Car Avenue, Grand Est Automobiles and Groupe Nedey Automobiles have launched a joint venture.
The simplified joint stock company (SAS) now established goes by the name of "Est PR" with each partner holding an equal share of company capital.
Infrastructure conveyancing is in the hands of a real estate company owned by Car Avenue, Grand Est Automobiles and Groupe Nedey Automobiles, which will lease the industrial facility to Est PR SAS. The total amount of infrastructure capital expenditure is €7 million.

One of the largest spare part distribution hubs in France
The four partners have chosen the industrial park around the town of Obernai, located at the epicentre of the business areas to be served, to build and construct this structure, due to stretch over an area of 10,000 sq.m.
Over a full year, revenue from the Est PR hub will attain €110 million. The platform will employ a staff of eighty.
Together, the four partners are engaging initial capital expenditure of €750,000 plus start-up costs of €500,000.

Daily deliveries to the regions of Alsace and Franche-Comté
The Est PR hub is joining the Distringo sales offensive launched by Groupe PSA, which by the end of 2017 will comprise a total of 132 hubs in Europe.
It will hold an inventory of over 40,000 original spare parts (for the Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands), plus Eurorepar stock and equipment manufacturer parts. It will be able to delivery twice daily within a radius of 90 minutes.
This genuine "one-stop shop" for the distribution of spare parts will then be able to meet all the needs of every customer: the Est PR hub plans to serve 2,000 car industry members (dealers, agents, authorised repair shops, independent repair shops and Euro Repar Car Service garages), with a service rate of at least 85%* rising to 98% for next-day delivery
To do so, it can count on a location close to two of the region's main motorways (the A35 and A352)

*85% of parts in stock deliverable at least twice a day within an isochrone of 90 minutes.