PSA Retail adopts a digital solution for after-sales customer relations

Tue, 16/05/2017 - 14:00

After several months of testing in France, Switzerland and Austria, PSA Retail has decided to adopt and widely deploy Video Check (powered by CitNOW™), a digital solution that concludes customer relations after the sale, using online video.
Feedback from tests has shown high customer satisfaction levels, which encouraged PSA Retail to progressively roll out the system to all of its customer contact points in France and in Europe.

Online video and quotes: how it works
Video Check (powered by CitNOW™) is an after-sales decision support tool for customers, which was rolled out to certain pilot PSA Retail sites in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Poland, and is still being tested in Germany. It has proven its effectiveness.
The principle is simple. The customer brings his or her vehicle to the PSA Retail network for servicing or repair. The operator, a professional mechanic, puts the car on a lift and checks it using a video camera. In this short video (two to three minutes long), the mechanic uses images to highlight the maintenance or repairs that are necessary, with three degrees of importance or urgency, the highest of which relates to aspects of customer and passenger safety.
Once the video has been filmed, a quote is issued for the work to be carried out. It includes the original customer request (for example, scheduled servicing), as well as an optional portion, with suggested work indicated by three colour codes - green, orange, and red, indicating the suggested measure of urgency of the proposed work.
The operator sends the video and the quote to the customer, who responds, signing it and indicating the work that they would like to have done on their car according to the suggestions offered.

A modern tool that makes for smoother customer relations and builds trust and transparency
Levels of satisfaction from customers who have had the opportunity to test the system have been very high. The solution guarantees a customer experience that is seamless and totally transparent, which helps build trust between the stakeholders involved.
All else being equal, there has been a noted increase in the average number of services ordered by customers with this configuration.

Progressive rollout to the entire PSA Retail network
The PSA Retail Executive Committee, after having received similar positive feedback from several countries, decided to progressively roll out the online video and quote system to its main sites in the eleven countries where it operates.
This means that PSA Retail will actively pursue the digital transformation process in all of its business lines by adopting the codes of today's digital society and continuously improving the services provided to its numerous customers.

Jean-Denis Bigot, Head of PSA Retail After-Sales explained: "The adoption and rollout of the Video Check (powered by CitNOW™) online video and quote system to all our sites in France and in Europe is a significant indicator of the growing professionalisation of our After-Sales teams, and the quality of service that we seek to offer our customers".

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