PSA Retail, Car Avenue, Grand Est Automobiles and Nedey Automobiles inaugurate the Est PR platform in Obernai (Alsace)

Mon, 04/12/2017 - 12:00

On 4 December 2017, PSA Retail and its three partners Car Avenue, Grand Est Automobiles and Nedey Automobiles inaugurated the Est PR Distrigo spare parts distribution platform in Obernai (Alsace) at a ceremony attended by Bernard Fischer, Mayor of Obernai and Vice-President of the Bas-Rhin Regional Council.

The new spare parts distribution platform is the largest that PSA Retail has established in France. It marks the end of an 18-month development cycle for the PSA distribution group PR platforms, with an unprecedented win-win agreement with three regional groups boasting very deep local roots.

EST PR: an XXL spare parts platform

With 9,600 sq.m. of warehouses, 500 sq.m. of offices, five truck loading bays and 11 direct-access doors for LCVs to allow at least two rotations per day, each in the space of 90 minutes, the new EST PR platform is truly XXL.

A total of 40,000 spare parts and 20,000 tyres will be available in stock at all times.


Compelling market ambition building on the regional strength of the joint venture partners

Given the strong market presence of the four partners forming this unprecedented joint venture, as many as 1,550 customers (RA, RI, ERCS, etc.) were attached to the platform from its very first day of operation. The aim is for the ESR PR platform to become the one-stop-shop for a large number of auto repair shops in Alsace as well as in Franche-Comté.

In total, the EST PR joint venture aims to generate full-year revenue of €110 million.

It employs 74 people – supply chain specialists, telephone advisers and sales staff – on permanent contracts.

A facility adding to Groupe PSA’s major regional presence

EST PR Distrigo will enhance Groupe PSA’s already large foothold in the Grand Est region, where it is the leading private employer. The Group has 14,500 employees working in the manufacture of vehicles, aluminium and steel spare parts, engines and gearboxes at plants in Mulhouse, Metz, Charleville and Trémery – within a broader car industry that generates a total of 85,000 jobs in the area.

Bernard Fischer, Mayor of Obernai and Vice-President of the Bas-Rhin Regional Council, said: “Along with the elected officials and residents of Obernai and Terres de Sainte Odile, it is my great pleasure to welcome EST PR to the region. We wish you every success!"

Xavier Duchemin, Senior Vice-President of PSA Retail, said: “I'm delighted about the start-up of the Est PR joint venture, which proves that we can do more for our customers and do it better by joining forces. I pay tribute to the leaders of Car Avenue, Grand Est Automobiles and Nedey Automobiles for putting their vision and collective intelligence together to develop our business.”