2020 Grand Prix of the Public of Fondation PSA awarded to Habitat & Humanisme Rhône


  • Habitat & Humanisme rewarded for its capacity to innovate against COVID-19
  • €10,000 in addition to Fondation PSA’s initial support to strengthen their efforts with young people and single-parent families particularly affected by the health crisis
  • Elected by Internet users between November 2 and 15, 2020

« Crises oblige us to leave our comfort zone to do better. The COVID-19 crisis, while confirming the essential role of associations in supporting the most fragile, revealed those who have reinvented themselves to cope with a high volume of demands. Fondation PSA wanted to celebrate with this 2020 Grand Prix of the Public the most agile laureate associations. We congratulate Habitat & Humanism Rhône which in record time has imagined and implemented a new service for its beneficiaries affected by the social crisis," said Karine Hillaireau, General Delegate of Fondation PSA.

« This 2nd lockdown obliges us as much in terms of food as in terms of emergency accommodation and housing. We combine the lockdown and support thanks to the “Escales Solidaires” out of the walls and the food vouchers that we deliver to the most fragile people. With the support of Fondation PSA during first lockdown, we were able to help close to 50 young people and 20 single-parent families. The issue of food aid is more than ever on our agenda. This applies to all our residents and, above all, to young people and seniors who are isolated. This recognition gives us energy to continue to innovate, thanks to Fondation PSA," said Matthieu de Châlus, General Manager, Habitat & Humanism Rhône.

Fondation PSA mobilized in March 2020 has supported the mobility needs of 32 associations in "All United Against Coronavirus" alliance of Fondation de France, AP-HP and Institut Pasteur. From November 2 to November 15, Fondation PSA invited internet users to vote for the Grand Prix of the Public by selecting the winning associations that, despite the crisis, have innovated for the benefit of the most fragile people.

Internet users chose Habitat & Humanism for its adaptability during the pandemic among nine other associations.

The main activity of this association is the accommodation and support of nearly 5,000 people in Lyon. During the pandemic, the local mission officers of Habitat & Humanisme had to travel to distribute food vouchers to residents. Fondation PSA contributed to the funding of these trips.


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- Laurence Bussac +33 6 32 24 04 86 - fondation@mpsa.com - psa-presse@mpsa.com


- Catherine Kafarski – +33 6 01 02 27 95c.kafarski@habitat-humanisme.org