600,000 Free2Movers within a year of launch!

Wed, 07/02/2018 - 10:00

•    600,000 app users in 8 countries
•    Another 2 launches, in Belgium and Portugal
•    Access to over 30 mobility services

A year after its launch on 2 February 2017, the Free2Move app today boasts 600,000 users worldwide and over 30 key partners.
The app allows users to identify a range of nearby mobility services, helping them find a shared car, scooter or bike. After comparing features, price and location, users can access the vehicle of their choice for immediate use or reserve it for future use.
The Free2Move mobility services platform brings together the services of some 30 global operators available in the United States and 9 European countries – France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Austria, with Belgium and Portugal as 2 additional countries where the Free2Move app has just been launched.

Brigitte Courtehoux, Executive Vice President of Mobility & Connectivity Services, Groupe PSA, said: "We are proud to have 600,000 users on the first anniversary of our mobility services app. Free2Move aims to make life and mobility easier for everyone, our solution to our customers' needs is proving highly successful. This is just the beginning, as we are continuing to roll out new services in Europe and the United States after Seattle last October, with the aim of becoming a major player in international mobility services."


Services available via the Free2Move app
•    Car: TravelCar, Koolicar, emov, Communauto, Autolib, Car2Go, DriveNow, Drivy, Driveby, BeeZero, Flinkster, Stadtmobil, Cambio, Enjoy, Share’N’Go, Ubeeqo
•    Scooter : COUP, Emmy, Eddy, Sco2t, ecooltra, ZigZag, Muving
•    Bike : NextBike, Donkey Republic, Villo, Bycyklen, Call-a-bike, BikeMi, ToBike, BiciMad, Bicing
•    Car with a driver : UBER, now available in Berlin

Of these, 5 car-sharing services are operated by the Group and its partners:
•    TravelCar in France and the United States: traveller car-sharing service available at train stations and airports. 1,000,000 users.
•    Koolicar in France: 350,000 users.
•    emov in Madrid: 600 Citroën C-Zero vehicles available on the streets of Madrid. Service operated by Groupe PSA/EYSA joint venture. 160,000 users.
•    Communauto in Paris and in Canada: Groupe PSA has partnered with North America's pioneer in car-sharing. 53,000 users.
•    BlueLy in Lyon and BlueCub in Bordeaux: 50 Citroën C-Zero vehicles available at stations in Lyon and Bordeaux. Service operated by Groupe Bolloré. 11,000 users.