Groupe PSA denies any fraud strategy and strongly reaffirms its technological choices


In response to press reports today, Groupe PSA indicates that it has not been contacted by the judicial authorities. The group is outraged to learn that information has been provided to third parties whereas Groupe PSA has never had access to the file submitted by the DGCCRF to the public prosecutor's office, making it impossible for the group to put forward its arguments.

Groupe PSA has repeatedly explained its strategy regarding engine settings. This strategy is based on its customers’ use in real life. It favors low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in cities while ensuring the best NOx/ CO2 balance on open roads.

This situation undermines the group’s reputation and the interests of its 210,000 employees, its customers and its partners. Groupe PSA reserves the right to file a complaint for breach of confidentiality of the investigation and the authorities’ confidentiality obligation.

Groupe PSA reaffirms that:

• It complies with regulations in every country where it operates and its vehicles have never been equipped with software or systems making it possible to detect compliance tests and to activate a pollutant treatment device that would be inactive during customer use.
• It is the only car manufacturer in the world to have put in place a total transparency approach regarding the consumption and CO2 emissions of its models in real use conditions. This approach will be extended to NOx emissions by the end of 2017. The results of the 400 measures covering 60 models (80% of European sales) are available on the brands’ websites.