#aCoffeeWithCarlosTavares : Meeting 7 Connectivity

Mon, 09/12/2019 - 10:00

  • In order to support the Group’s shaping of its sustainable and profitable growth, the Chairman of the Managing Board is engaged in a dialogue with experts from civil society.
  • Among the 7 mega trends that will shape the future of mobility, the last one discussed is Connectivity, about which Carlos Tavares spoke with Chirine Etezadzadeh, the founder and president of SmartCity.institute (a research

institute on cities of the future).

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Excerpts of the last dialogue on Connectivity:

Carlos Tavares: “With this permanent connectivity, we are losing the battle of privacy: users share their data in exchange for access to a service, without always measuring the impact properly. A data governance model must be invented to respect privacy while preserving our freedom of movement, especially for urban areas because mobility in the city has to be reorganised.”

Chirine Etezadzadeh: “I think it is very important to enable the people to become smart citizens and that requires a certain education. Privacy is a right. We need to think about intelligent transport systems and integrate the different mobility solutions in platforms, like Free2Move. We need coordinated solutions and this requires leadership from the municipalities.”

The dialogue between Carlos Tavares and the civil society will pursue next year, in a different form, around the following theme: “freedom of movement in a zero-carbon world”.


Media contact:

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