Groupe PSA and its employee representatives commit to improving employee well-being and engagement

Wed, 29/01/2020 - 14:00
  • A jointly drafted agreement signed with four trade unions, representing more than 80% of employees

  • An agreement focusing on well-being and personal fulfillment in the workplace, incorporating societal concerns

  • 32 concrete measures, including 12 innovations and 23 initiatives that are immediately applicable, to lay the foundations for the company of the future

“This agreement demonstrates the maturity of Groupe PSA’s relationship with its employee representatives and our desire to build a compelling vision for our company, focused on people. Coupled with their knowledge and passion, the well-being and engagement of our employees are what drives our company’s success, and a real source of pride for us,” said Xavier Chéreau, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Transformation for Groupe PSA. “We can draw on this strength, to give everyone, with our values, the opportunity to succeed and progress.”

Groupe PSA has to continue transforming its business to take on future challenges (the energy transition, changing customer needs, economic and regulatory uncertainty, international development, digitalization, etc.), in an increasingly demanding environment.

Groupe PSA signed an agreement today with employee representatives on engagement and workplace well-being for its employees, while quality of working life and personal fulfillment are among the key drivers of the company’s competitiveness.

Taken together, the measures will therefore:

  • Provide peace of mind to employees and create working conditions that foster well-being: to help employees improve their work/life balance, an innovative support system for family caregivers [1]will be put in place, in addition to expanding the option to donate leave days to other employees. Additionally, all new plant employees will receive workstation preparation training on efficient ergonomics to protect their health.


  • Develop employee independence and update managerial practices: at a time when increasing travel time is causing unnecessary fatigue, the number of authorized remote working days will increase from 25 to 30. 14,000 employees in France already chose to work remotely or home work. Groupe PSA plans to continue this initiative and also to provide training to managers on managing teams remotely


  • Encourage employee initiative: One-third of employees use collaborative tools, including Teams and OneDrive, to exchange information or share documents and work together. Through this agreement, the Group aims to accelerate the development and use of these tools.    
    Another example is the BEST initiative for sharing and solving problems. Launched at certain plants in 2017, it led to significant improvements in manufacturing quality but also in the ability of employees to resolve unexpected issues. This initiative will be extended to the Group’s R&D and services teams.


Resulting from more than 18 months of collaborative work with employee representatives, the substance of this company vision has been enriched by feedback on the new working methods put in place in recent years, as well as working groups bringing together contributors from various departments.

The agreement is in line with actions already underway for several years on achieving gender equality and diversity, and implementing remote working methods. Such initiatives have consistently earned Groupe PSA high scores in non-financial rankings (as the first company to obtain France’s equal opportunity label and as a repeat earner of its diversity label) and CSR rankings (as the only carmaker in the Vigeo World 120 index and the number one automotive company in the DJSI[2] for the second year running).


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[1] According to an external study, it is expected that 25% of private-sector employees in 2030 will have to regularly look after a member of their family

[2] DJSI: Dow Jones Sustainability Indices