Groupe PSA awards new vehicle production to the Sochaux and Mulhouse plants

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 10:30

•    The decision to award new vehicle production to Sochaux and Mulhouse will ensure a robust level of activity at these plants for the next decade
•    It will also boost business for the network of suppliers located near the plants

During Works Council meetings at Sochaux and Mulhouse today, the respective management teams announced that new vehicles would be produced at the plants as from 2020/2021.

The production of the new vehicles, the details of which will be revealed at a later date for strategic reasons, will secure medium-term manufacturing visibility for the plants, which are currently undertaking modernisation projects:
-    the Mulhouse plant is rolling out its “Mulhouse 2020” transformation project;
-    the Sochaux plant is implementing its “Sochaux 2022” project and will start constructing a building for its future stamping line.

Thanks to these upgrades, both plants are becoming more efficient and will soon be among the best performing in Europe.

Less than 70 km apart, Mulhouse and Sochaux will soon manufacture all their vehicles on the EMP2 platform. As they have each been awarded production of highly popular models and other vehicles, which complement the existing offering, the plants will leverage these advantages to fully utilise their production capacity and enjoy a sustained level of activity. Their proximity and mutual responsibility for new vehicles will encourage economies of scale, as the plants will share the production of sub-assemblies and use the same supplier pool.