Groupe PSA is committed to social integration and job opportunities for the disabled for over 20 years

Mon, 13/11/2017 - 10:00

•    Disabled employment rate of 7.57% of the Group workforce in France (Automotive division), surpassing the legally required 6%
•    Number one buyer in France's "sheltered" employment sector
•    At least one component produced by the sheltered and supported employment sector in every car manufactured in Europe by the Group

Since 2000, six consecutive agreements have been signed to promote the Group's initiatives for social integration and job opportunities for people with disabilities. A global framework agreement implements the Group's policy around the world, aiming to retain disabled employees in the workforce, spearhead prevention campaigns and promote job opportunities.
For example, these various initiatives have helped Groupe PSA now reach an employment rate of 7.5% of disabled workers in France, surpassing the legally required 6%. Factoring in the purchases from the sheltered employment sector, this rate climbs to 10.5%.
In France, Groupe PSA is the number one buyer in the sheltered and supported employment sector. The Group generates added value of €38 million (or more than €50 million in terms of revenue) for the sector, a contribution that represents approximately 1,970 jobs. As a result of this commitment, all of the cars manufactured in Europe by Groupe PSA contain at least one component produced by the sheltered and supported employment sector.
During European Disability Employment Week, Groupe PSA is renewing its commitment to advocate for social integration and job opportunities for disabled individuals. The week-long event will be an opportunity to carry out local employee awareness campaigns that seek to change perceptions on disabilities, particularly invisible disabilities, and foster successful onboarding of disabled employees.

A few examples of local initiatives are:
•    A partnership with local branches of organisations such as SAMETH, a disability employment network, to carry out measures to adapt job requirements for the disabled so that they remain employed (Caen, Saint-Ouen and Mulhouse).
•    Collaboration with non-profits such as Handi'Chiens, which finds foster families for guide dogs before placing them in a home where a family member is visually impaired or blind (Bessoncourt and Vélizy).

Commenting on the initiatives, Xavier Chéreau, Executive Vice President of Human Resources, said: "As an employer, we have a duty to improve how disabled people are integrated into our society and to increase their job prospects. Working towards improving their daily lives also means working for the common good and for the Company's performance. European Disability Employment Week is an opportunity to raise awareness on disabilities in the Company and change our perceptions of them. This notion of respect is very important to us as it is one of the Group's values & of my own values."