Groupe PSA creates a new OpenLab for research on sustainable mobility for Africa

Fri, 07/07/2017 - 10:45

• Groupe PSA becomes a partner with the best universities and business and engineering schools by establishing an OpenLab in Morocco.
• After rollout in Europe, Asia and Latin America, Groupe PSA is strengthening its StelLab network to be at the forefront of future scientific breakthroughs.

On 7 July 2017, Groupe PSA signed an agreement with five Moroccan universities, two American universities with campuses in Morocco, an engineering school of Ecoles Centrales based in Morocco, and a technological centre at the International University of Rabat.

The “Sustainable Mobility for Africa” OpenLab has committed to a four-year research program to explore sustainable mobility systems focused on three major areas:
• Electric mobility for the future to develop electric powertrains adapted to the African market,
• Renewable energy to support the spread of ecological and economical energy sectors,
• Logistics of the future, to find the optimum combination that meets the needs of the supply chain of a production unit and corresponds to local constraints.
It will draw on Groupe PSA's scientific expertise and its university partners, as well as on the technology platforms in Morocco.

The Sustainable Mobility for Africa OpenLab partners are:
- International University of Rabat
- Université Mohammed V de Rabat
- Ibn Tofail University (Kenitra)
- Université Cadi Ayyad (Marrakesh)
- Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes (INSA EuroMéditerranée)
- Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
- Mississippi State University
- Ecole Centrale Casablanca
- Lafayette Institute

Groupe PSA is committed to an Open Innovation policy, involving building and managing relationships with different ecosystems: individuals, businesses, academia and institutions.
Within the academia ecosystem, StelLab, established to strengthen scientific partnerships with public laboratories on the leading edge of innovation, forms a network of OpenLabs and academic chairs.
To better respond to social, environmental and economic challenges presented by the "car of the future", this network of OpenLabs is spread across locations around the world. This allows it to share research teams and experimental resources from PSA and partner laboratories.
The Sustainable Mobility for Africa OpenLab strengthens a network of 17 active OpenLabs made up of 12 in France, 4 in China (1 in Beijing, 2 in Shanghai and 1 in Wuhan), and 1 in Brazil.