Groupe PSA holds its second Plant of the Future Day


•    80 consortium partners in attendance
•    Showcase for 14 technological challenges and over 25 demonstrators
•    Goal: meet the Plant of the Future challenges
•    Groupe PSA launches "Factory Booster"

Groupe PSA hosts its second Plant of the Future Day on 20 September at the Armand Peugeot Forum in Poissy outside Paris. #BoosterDayPSA is an event which brings together 80 partners and key players in technological innovation, from suppliers, integrators, start-ups and laboratories to schools, research institutes and public organisations.

Together, a consortium of suppliers, integrators, and SMEs rose to 14 technological challenges posed by the Group to create more than 20 demonstrators for concrete industrial applications and based on themes ranging from operator assistance and training to visual and gauge inspections for parts, the production and storage of self-sufficient power, supply chain automation through consignment tracking, and predictive maintenance.
With this event, Groupe PSA demonstrats its commitment to supporting innovation in France and in Europe by giving the podium to start-ups and European projects conducting research and development in disruptive solutions.
Round table sessions are also on the agenda and are an opportunity to present the Group's innovative industrial ecosystems like the FFLOR platform in Trémery-Metz and the facilities in Vigo and Mangualde, as well as examples of successful industrialisation by our partners.
As part of its Excellent Plant programme, Groupe PSA has initiated several modernization projects aimed at boosting the competitiveness and agility of its factories. Taking advantage of the day, it announced the accompanying launch of "Factory Booster", a unique facility dedicated to the fast-track development of multidisciplinary, cross-functional and priority areas of PSA's Plant of the Future project. Located at the heart of the Group's Research and Development Centre in Vélizy on the outskirts of Paris, the unit provides a forum for all stakeholders seeking to industrialise innovations faster.

Commenting on the day, Yann Vincent, Groupe PSA's Executive Vice President, Director Supply Chain & Manufacturing, said "The modernization of our manufacturing base is a fantastic challenge that we are taking up with our partners. We are rapidly increasing the number of initiatives in place to tackle the challenges of today's disruptive world. The "Factory Booster" is a clear reflection of our goal to accelerate our operations to become more agile and efficient."


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