Groupe PSA is implementing reinforced health measures to create the conditions for a safe and gradual return to work

Fri, 27/03/2020 - 14:00

  • Definition of a health protocol to reinforce preventive measures
  • Audits will ensure the perfect implementation of these reinforced safety protocols
  • A timetable for a gradual and safe resumption will be established


Since the start of the Covid-19 health crisis, Groupe PSA has been working on a clear axis "Protect the health of its employees and protect the sustainability of the company", while helping the community with initiatives such as the massive donation of masks or the provision of vehicles to medical staff.

The Executive Committee of the Groupe PSA has taken measures, such as teleworking, when the activity allows it, or protective measures which go beyond the recommendations of the health authorities, in the event of a necessary presence on operational sites. Thus, Groupe PSA's central spare parts distribution stores continue to fulfill an essential mission to keep the maintenance, in particular of vehicles for the logistical flow of medicines and food, as well as the mobility of medical staff and people living in rural areas.

On the strength of this reference, a health protocol to reinforce preventive measures was defined with the support of medical teams and in particular its referent doctor and applied in the various sectors of activity of the company: Commercial, industrial and tertiary (including R&D).

As examples, this protocol requires taking the temperature, wearing the mask on site with daily individual supply, but also respecting safety distances between people in meeting rooms, at each station or in break zones with marking on the ground, keeping the doors open (except fire doors) to avoid contact with the handles, cleaning and disinfection of the tools and work surface every 60 minutes, a waiting time of 3 hours during any exchange of parts (hand to hand), lengthening of the breaks by 5 minutes to wash your hands, Separation of 30 minutes between the teams' rounds to avoid staff crossing or even the doubling of the bus collection lines for guarantee passenger spacing…

The Human Resources department presented this project to representatives of trade union organizations who made their own contributions. The company is committed to launching audits to ensure the perfect implementation of these reinforced safety protocols in the field.

The fruit of these discussions allows the implementation of reinforced measures taking into account the diversity of the working environments in each of its factories, and thus creates the prerequisites for a resumption of activities. The same process is underway for the commercial network and tertiary sites.

While Groupe PSA had announced the suspension of its industrial activities until March 27, 2020, a timetable for a gradual and safe resumption will be established within the framework of social dialogue, taking into account the context of the health crisis and the results of the audits of implementation of reinforced health measures adapted to each site. On the basis of the "prepare, test, resume" principle, new dates will be set for European mechanical factories and assembly sites, which will also integrate the ability of suppliers to support these restarts.


Carlos Tavares, Chairman of Groupe PSA’s Managing Board, said: "We will not compromise on the health of our employees so that the industrial restart necessary for the sustainability of the company can be carried out under optimal conditions. I have every confidence in the ability of the employees of Groupe PSA to help get out of this crisis without fatality. Our fighting spirit and our collective mental strength are as many assets that we put at the service of our fellow citizens".



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