Groupe PSA improves its provident system for family carers, in France

Tue, 06/10/2020 - 11:00

  • An agreement co-constructed with the social partners signatories of the agreement on Motivation and Well-being at Work[1].
  • From 1 January 2021, all Group employees, whether or not they are already family carers, will be able to benefit from dedicated measures. 
  • The scheme will be flexible according to personal situations, and is part of a reinforced provident policy.


“Contributing to the protection of our employees' health and well-being is our priority. This new agreement, co-developed with our social partners, improves employee pension cover and takes into account societal concerns. In France, more than 11 million people look after their sick relatives and half of them have to cope with a professional activity. We want to provide peace of mind and support to our employees the day such a situation arises, hence this measure to accompany employees in their role as carers, in line with our commitments on motivation and well-being made at the beginning of the year,” said Xavier Chéreau, Director of Human Resources and Transformation.

Today, a day dedicated to carers, Groupe PSA and its social partners have signed a new agreement: from 1 January 2021, all employees of Groupe PSA will be able to benefit from a "carer assistance" measure.   


This will offer:

  • peace of mind: information, advice, proposals for service providers and material assistance, creation of insurance cover in the case of heavier dependency (with, for example, 75% of the salary[2] maintained for 3 months if the need arises to stay with a loved one).


  • flexibility: modular offer with several types of protection for carers and other employees. The classic provident policy has thus been completely revised and strengthened with new guarantees. Above all, employees will have the opportunity to change their choice in the event of an event requiring 'family carers' cover.


This system, open to all and at no extra cost to the employee, places Groupe PSA among the leading industrial companies in terms of social issues. This approach is further proof of the commitment of Groupe PSA and its partners to offer employees concrete, flexible assistance adapted to their situation.

Indeed, among the measures included in the agreement on Motivation and Well-being at Work1, several are aimed at bringing serenity to employees and offering working conditions conducive to well-being.

In order to better reconcile professional and personal life, an innovative support system for family carers was to be introduced. Today, the promise has been kept, since Groupe PSA and the social partners who signed the agreement have converged on all the terms and conditions.




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[1] Agreement signed on 29 January 2020 with 4 trade union organizations, representing more than 80% of employees.

[2] Family leave: 75% of the annual basic salary for a maximum of 3 months after 3 days of exemption. Close = spouse and/or parents