International Day of Forests: Duramen, Fondation PSA and ADS 45 mobilize inclusion program workers to rebuild a forest

Wed, 11/03/2020 - 14:30

  • The plots can be visited on Friday March 20 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., at La Main Ferme in Neuvy-en-Sullias (Loiret)
  • 5,000 trees are being planted on four hectares
  • Eight inclusion program workers have participated in the project


“This reforestation initiative is the second workforce inclusion project carried out as part of the partnership with Duramen and ADS 45. After the afforestation of a plot in Saint-Viâtre in Loir-et-Cher on March 9, Neuvy-en-Sullias how has a turn to welcome people who are actively trying to enter the job market. Fondation PSA is proud to be contributing to this project by providing a mobility solution for the workers involved, thereby opening up new job opportunities for them,” said Karine Hillaireau, General Delegate of Fondation PSA.

“Forests are threatened ecosystems the world over. In Europe, and especially in France, we are lucky to have sustainable management guarantees for our forests, but that is not enough. To give forest habitats a future, we need to make a big effort to plant more trees to reinforce the presence of species suited to the changing climate. For the Neuvy-en-Sullias project, we replaced Scots pines with maritime pines over most of the area covered by the project, and common oaks with sessile oaks on a smaller area,” said Bernadette Vallée, Chair of Duramen.

ADS 45 has always supported both public and private owners of forest areas. We help maintain plots: we can make clearings, secure roads and tracks, or, as in Neuvy-en-Sullias, rehabilitate devastated forests. This work allows us to recruit and support people experiencing particular hardship that is keeping them out of sustainable employment, and help them find a stable place in society again. The work they do is very rewarding, because participating in a community project helps people acquire specific skills that can allow some of them to access the jobs offered by the forestry industry,” said Emmanuel Godin, Director of ADS 45.

The project consisted in rebuilding a four-hectare windfall of Scots pine and common oak trees, devastated by a storm in late 2018. The ADS45 workforce inclusion organization took part in the project for the dismantling of oak tree tops destroyed by the storm. Four inclusion program workers, transported to the site, will plant the last maritime pines to mark the International Day of Forests.


The project serves to avoid losing a forest ecosystem and all the associated benefits for society: production of wood as a renewable material and energy source, fight against climate change, preservation of biodiversity and a source of local jobs. It also enabled workers on inclusion programs to acquire new skills in the forestry professions, in a sector where it is impossible to find a job without being mobile.


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