La Ligue Contre le Cancer and Groupe PSA team up to help employees affected by cancer

Mon, 05/02/2018 - 15:30

World Cancer Day, 4 February

In 2017, Groupe PSA and Ligue contre le cancer (the French Cancer League) signed a partnership agreement whose principles are fully aligned with Groupe PSA’s healthcare policy.

The purpose of the partnership is to implement and foster initiatives that optimise:

  •     Continued employment for employees impacted directly or indirectly by cancer, and
  •     Their reintegration into the workforce after their return from sick leave, regardless of the duration.

Through Programme d’Actions Toutes Entreprises, or PACTE, the League aims to increase awareness in companies about the challenges faced by employees suffering from cancer and to deploy, as needed, prevention initiatives.
To this end, employees will have the opportunity to participate in core programmes offered by the League such as psychological support, adapted physical activity, personal care & hygiene, and nutritional counselling.
In addition, a trial campaign to increase awareness among Groupe PSA managers and team members will be launched this year with the objective of promoting a better understanding of cancer and the challenges of continued employment for those affected.
The beginning of this year will also see Groupe PSA and the French Cancer League sign the charter drawn up by Institut National du Cancer (the French National Cancer Institute). The charter sets out 11 commitments to improve support measures for employees affected by cancer and to promote good health. Its principles are thoroughly in line with the initiatives already being carried out by both parties, who, in signing the charter, have pledged to train and inform stakeholders, taking feedback into account and sharing best practices.

Xavier Chéreau, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Digital and Real Estate, Groupe PSA said: “As a socially responsible company, it is essential that we be in a position to help and support the employees affected by this illness. To do so, the Group has teamed up with the French Cancer League to implement initiatives that reduce the impact that cancer has on both the professional and personal lives of our employees."

According to Professor Jacqueline Godet, President of the French Cancer League, “Cancer has become a major concern in the workplace. Companies must accept that they have a social and moral responsibility, that they can play a role in reducing the number of preventable cases of cancer and contribute to improving the well-being and performance of employees who have returned to work."