To mark COP25, Fondation PSA and Duramen have signed a partnership agreement to promote workforce inclusion in the forestry industry

Wed, 11/12/2019 - 15:00

  • The project, aimed at achieving inclusion through forestry work, covers a group of 25 hectares of tree plantings in France’s Centre-Val de Loire region.
  • Employees accepted into the program will acquire new jobs skills in fields related to environmental protection, including tree planting, sustainable forest management and adaptation to climate change.


“Forests contribute to the common good,” said Karine Hillaireau, Managing Director of Fondation PSA. “They preserve biodiversity, regulate the water cycle, limit soil erosion, filter air pollution and generate jobs locally. We have made two observations:

  • In France, individuals, who often lack the means and skills to maintain them sustainably, own 74% of forests;
  • Workforce inclusion programs are still not enough represented in the forestry industry, which is highly technical and requires considerable worker mobility.

In response to the situation, Fondation PSA has sought to give people trying to enter the workforce the chance to move into these meaningful jobs. The new partnership brings them a mobility solution while supporting cooperation between their workforce inclusion programs and Duramen, an environmental non-profit. The partnership is consistent with Groupe PSA’s strong commitment to the fight against climate change.”


“The forestry industry lacks forestry entrepreneurs,” said Bernadette Vallée, Chair of Duramen. “Partnering inclusion programs with the projects we support can sometimes help create vocations, and always opens up practical training opportunities matching realities on the ground. Forests are facing cruel climate-related challenges. Planting, a sector dominated by manual labor and one-person businesses, provides one of the best outcomes. With the backing of Fondation PSA, we are delighted to be able to support projects to maintain multi‑functional forests and preserve natural environments, while bringing people together.”


The project involves helping the workforce inclusion sector support people wishing to move into jobs related to environment protection, with the assistance of dedicated local agencies (Structures d’Insertion par l’Activité Economique – SIAE). The various SIAEs are specialized in apprenticeship and building skills among people trying to enter the workforce. With the support of Fondation PSA, they will develop training programs in forestry, put in place the necessary framework for proactive jobseekers to engage in forest work, and organize transportation to the planting locations. The project will start with a trial run in the town of Saint Viâtre, with workforce inclusion organization ADS 45.

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