The PSA Group and autobiz have signed a strategic partnership

Mon, 20/02/2017 - 14:00

This alliance confirms the PSA Group's ambitions in the used-car business. For autobiz, it rewards the work accomplished over the past decade in helping car manufacturers and distribution groups implement turnkey solutions for online automotive and trade-in pricing.

autobiz SA announces the acquisition of a stake by the PSA Group. This acquisition of a minority stake reinforces the close links that have long existed between the two companies as evidenced by the Reprise Cash By Peugeot and Reprise Citroën websites developed by autobiz in several European countries.

This closer association will make it possible to fast-track joint business activities abroad, in Asia and South America in particular. It does not pose a challenge to the autonomy and independence of autobiz, which has created teams dedicated to the PSA Group's projects that are completely separate from those that service the company's other customers.

Under the "Push to Pass" plan, the PSA Group has established the objective of becoming a global player on the used-car market and this alliance with autobiz is a component of this strategy. It follows on the heels of the car manufacturer's acquisition of a stake in Aramisauto.

autobiz's pricing is currently available in nearly 30 countries. Its reliability has made it a benchmark for car manufacturers, distributors and leasers, for whom price-based management has become a priority. autobiz has become a major player in Big Data in its industry on the strength of its unique expertise in pricing. The company is currently developing a consulting business for industry professionals and offers its technology to all its customers throughout Europe.

Based in Suresnes, France, the company now has close to fifty employees distributed throughout France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

“The strengthening of our partnership with autobiz is part of our development strategy for the used-car market, which will particularly rely on the expertise developed by autobiz in the field of Big Data” declared Marc Lechantre, Vice-President of the PSA Group's Used Car Business Unit.

“The PSA Group is a long-standing partner of autobiz. Its decision to fully integrate us into its strategic objective of becoming a global player on the used-car market is a sign of trust for the future” noted Christophe Louvard, CEO of autobiz.