PSA Retail plans to hire 1,600 people in 2019.

Tue, 12/02/2019 - 09:00

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  • 1,600 job openings (11 countries in Europe)
  • A bold commitment to hiring young people
  • A broad range of attractive jobs and trade certification career paths for everyone
  • Innovation & investment in the energy transition


1,600 job openings in Europe

To meet the ambitious objectives set in its medium-term plan, PSA Retail, Groupe PSA’s automotive distribution division, plans to hire 1,600 new employees in 2019 alone, including 800 in France.

PSA Retail has made equal opportunity and gender balance in its front-line jobs a cornerstone of its employment policy. All of its sales and technical job offers are therefore open to any applicant, as long as they are suitably qualified and share PSA Retail’s passion for superior customer service, which is also its defining purpose.


A bold commitment to hiring young people

As part of the Group's assertive policy, PSA Retail is committed to maintaining a high percentage of jobs for young people. Currently, 750 young people aged 16 to 23 are on payroll under work-study contracts, representing 7% of the total workforce. Of these, 480 are based in France, accounting for 9% of local headcount.

These contracts are offered for two years to people with a French BTS vocational degree or for one year to graduates with other French vocational degrees, such as a trade baccalaureate, a CQP skills-acquisition certificate or a CAP vocational certificate. Around 65% of these work‑study positions eventually lead to full-time jobs under permanent work contracts.

In this way, PSA Retail acts as a talent incubator and a training centre, whose high placement rate attests to its quality and appeal.


A broad range of attractive jobs and trade certification career paths for everyone

The PSA Retail job family map has identified 50 families in five major businesses: new vehicle sales, used vehicle sales, after-sales service, spare parts distribution and vehicle rental.

The top five job families with the greatest hiring needs are new and used vehicle sales people, after-sales service advisors, mechanics, coachbuilders/painters and expert automotive diagnostics technicians.

Every new employee will be able to participate in a work/study certification programme at the PSA Retail Academy, which will help him or her to acquire or enhance the critical skills needed in their job. The highest achievers will also be encouraged to accept cross-business and geographic mobility opportunities, including outside their home countries.


Innovation & investment in the energy transition

When it comes to innovating to deliver a more seamless, more efficient customer journey, PSA Retail acts like a start-up. For example, it has taken the lead in using video to improve the after-sales experience (Video Check by PSA Retail) and in extending opening hours, with the development of a self-reception system now being trialled before wider roll-out.

Innovation also means supporting the energy transition, which will see Groupe PSA bring seven electric vehicles and eight plug-in hybrids to market by the end of 2021. Over the period, PSA Retail plans to deploy a capital programme to install charging stations and special technical equipment across its dealership network and a training and certification programme to prepare its sales and technical teams to offer customers the finest quality of service.


Xavier Chéreau, Groupe PSA Executive Vice President, Human Resources, IT Transformation, Digital and Real Estate, said:

“At Groupe PSA, jobs are not just on the assembly line; there are also plenty of them in our proprietary dealerships, which are our primary interface with customers. PSA Retail is an intersection where we focus a lot of our attention. It offers all sorts of possible gateways to exciting career opportunities throughout the Group.”


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