Remote Work: 10,000 Groupe PSA employees already on-board!

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 14:00

•    3,000 employees had opted for teleworking up to three days per week by the end of September 2017
•    7,000 employees can  work remotely to 25 days per year thanks to the innovative and flexible remote working pass
•    The system has proven popular with employees and managers alike

In July 2016, Groupe PSA concluded the “New Momentum for Growth” performance agreement with five of its six trade unions, under which it pledged to offer employees flexible and collaborative ways of working, particularly by expanding teleworking.
In January 2017, Groupe PSA went one step further by introducing the remote working pass, an innovative system under which employees can work offsite up to 25 days per year. To take advantage of the measure, all employees have to do is receive approval from the manager.
Today, more than 10,000 Groupe PSA employees have opted for remote work. The employment contracts of 3,000 employees have been amended to allow them to telework up to three days per week, while 7,000 employees have taken advantage of the remote working pass.
Feedback on the new work arrangement has been positive, with 99% of teleworkers saying that they are satisfied with the system and emphasizing that it saves time and improves concentration and efficiency. Their managers share their viewpoint.
“I am thrilled with the success of this key measure of the ‘New Momentum for Growth’ agreement which reflects the transformation, modernity and dynamism of our Group,” said Xavier Chereau, Executive Vice-President, Human Resources. “In partnership with the employee representatives, we will continue to work to improve our employees’ work-life balance while at the same time seeking to increase efficiency. Our ambition is to offer greater flexibility in the way work is organised without compromising on collective efficiency.”
Going forward, Groupe PSA aims to expand the number of teleworkers to 4,000 by 2019 and promote the remote working pass among the 17,000 eligible employees. These measures contribute to the Group’s performance by increasing the agility of its operating processes and improving quality of working life.

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